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War of 1812 Essay -- essays research papers

March 27 -- Congress authorizes construction of six frigates to help protect American merchant fleets from attacks by the Algerian pirates and harassment by British and French forces. They are to be designed by Joshua Humphreys and Josiah Fox and built at six different sites. The contract for one of those ships, to be named CONSTITUTION, is given to Edmond Hartt's Shipyard in Boston. Back to Historical Events List 1794-1797: CONSTITUTION is under construction. Built in Boston to defend the young American nation, currently CONSTITUTION is nearly as old as the document for which George Washington named her. Both the document and the ship have proven to be resilient symbols of America's strength, courage, and liberty. CONSTITUTION was designed to be powerful enough to defeat any enemy about the same size and fast enough to out sail a stronger opponent. CONSTITUTION was built by Colonel George Claghorn at Edmond Hartt's shipyard in Boston. Made from more than 1,500 trees, with timbers felled from Maine to Georgia and armed with cannons cast in Rhode Island and copper fastenings provided by Paul Revere, the vessel is truly a national ship. Launched in Boston on October 21, 1797, she first put to sea in 1798. Having remained a part of the U.S. Navy since that day, CONSTITUTION is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. Back to Historical Events List 1797: Oct. 21 -- CONSTITUTION is launched and christened by Capt. James Sever. It was the third attempt to launch her. The first, a month earlier, failed when the ship moved only 25 feet down the ship ways. Two days later she was moved an additional 30 feet. Workers had to make the ways steeper before the launch could be completed. The public was warned beforehand that the launch might cause a dangerously large wave, but none materialized. 1798: March 27 -- Congress votes to fit her out for sea. 1798: July 22 -- First put to sea and commanded by Capt. Samuel Nicholson. 1798-1801: Cruising in West Indies protecting U.S. shipping from French privateers, CONSTITUTION is not engaged in any battles. 1802-1803: Laid up in Boston, MA. 1803-1806: President Thomas Jefferson sent her to the Mediterranean as part of the second Mediterranean Squadron to protect American ships and seamen from attack by the Barbary pirates. With Captain Edward Preble in command, CONSTITUTION and other ships of the squadron bom... ...: July 21-- CONSTITUTION sails for the first time in 116 years. The sail was conducted just outside Boston Harbor under the command of Commander Michael C. Beck. The sail complement was six. October 21 -- CONSTITUTION celebrates her Bicentennial. The crewmembers parade from CONSTITUTION's 'birthplace' (Coast Guard Integrated Support Command) to the Old South Meeting House. 1998: . July 21 - 23 -- Naval vessels and tall ships from around the world come to Boston Harbor and honor CONSTITUTION during her bicentennial. The Deputy Secretary of Defense breaks his flag in "Old Ironsides" and returns the salute from visiting warships. The ship receives a blessing, and a wreath is laid at the grave site of CONSTITUTION's first commanding officer, Samuel Nicholson, at Old North Church. 2000: . On 11 July, CONSTITUTION leads a "Parade of Sail" of over 120 tall ships into Boston Harbor with four sails set as part of SAIL BOSTON 2000. CONSTITUTION and the USS CONSTITUTION Museum launch a collaborative educational outreach program entitled, "Old Ironsides Across the Nation," to bring the Constitution story to citizens throughout the Nation over the next six

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