Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 31

Journal - Essay Example Moreover I got to know how patient’s data is updated in the computers to make useful efficient records with respect to patients’ demographics. To me, it was crucial observation as I got to know how nurses work with patients and other staff to work for a common goal of achieving efficiency in health care. On the 19th, the morning at the clinic brought me the experience of working with the office manager. Objective was to sift the clinic staff, remove employees from records that have left the staff and update new names. The same session also marked ordering clinic and office supplies. This helped me learn how clinics are organized and how various tasks are managed. The last session for the week included a discussion with my preceptor regarding co-payments. We discussed on batching a process on documenting the copayments. This fruitful discussion also included how charge tickets or super bills, the bills that patients need if they have to reimburse their money when they have insurance (Flores, 1999). The discussion also included ways to send out these super-bills for insurance Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 27 Journal - Essay Example I’ve been disappearing ever since† (1). â€Å"Rose of Sharon is a big woman, about seven feet tall if you’re measuring overall effect and about five feet tall if you are only talking about the physical. She is a Yakama Indian of Wishran variety. Junior is a Colville†¦He’s got those big cheekbones that are like planets with little moons orbiting them†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (2). I’m talking about the Heaven where my legs are waiting for me†¦.my legs will probably run away from me when I get to heaven. And how will I ever catch them? You have to get your arms strong †¦.so that you can run on your hands† (7). â€Å"Lonesome for Indians†¦. Big Heart’s is an all-Indian bar. Nobody knows how or why Indians migrate to one bar and turn it into an official Indian bar. But Big Heart’s has been an Indian bar for twenty-three years† (9). This passage underpins the perception that Jackson had a more complicated and poorly understood way of life. Hence, the mistakes of his past continue to haunt him, and this passage exposes the sufferings he caused, and the anxieties this causes him to feel. He realizes how reckless he was, and the description of the â€Å"I didn’t break hearts into pieces overnight. I broke them slowly and carefully†, provides a concrete detail that allows the reader to come to the same realization. The syntax of this passage highlights the predicament of homelessness among Spokane Indians in Seattle. Their way of life is vanishing. In addition, the plainness and simplicity of the sentences forms a somber tone suitable for the plight it describes. The function of this humor is to break from the monotony and the lengthy conversations. Alexie has applied such humor, in order to create an element of surprise about Jackson grandmother character, and which is intertwined in expectations plus misdirection from the norm of the story. The intention is to make a memorable character. This passage is interesting, since Jackson is saying it, so as to

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