Thursday, September 12, 2019

The nature of communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The nature of communication - Essay Example The manager’s complaint was that the area was not cleaned to her liking in the allotted time. She was accurate in her assessment, but because of mitigating circumstances, including an extensive influx of customers late in the evening, and minimal help from co-workers who had left earlier, she mis-communicated the blame. While elements of her criticism were effective, a great deal of it was misdirected as it was founded on erroneous assumptions. It fell short in that it didn’t leave room for a dialogue to occur that could create a constructive solution. Instead, the observations were relayed in a way that spoke to the necessarily limited perspective of one individual. For work place communication to be effective, open communication among workers within the organization must be promoted. Without this collaborative environment, the workplace becomes dry and monotonous and the creativity necessary for beneficial improvements is squashed. I believe effective communicators embody a number of positive traits that emerge when they relate to fellow human beings. In the situation at my work, communication did not occur because there was not an open dialogue occurring between the two individuals, but a one sided lecture. Effective communicators must take an interest in the people they communicate with, as nobody wants to listen to someone who isn’t engaged in the conversation. It’s important they look at the person’s eyes as it indicates that you are intent and engaged in the conversation. They speak clearly and directly, using language suitable for the conversation. While situations and types of language will differ greatly, effective communicators have a way of speaking that goes beyond merely giving a speech. They are able to strategically and competently relate to the individual and adapt the conversation to better convey the message they are attempting to impart. In not opening the

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